Your Rights Are Time-Sensitive

When you have been seriously injured, Georgia law provides you with only a limited amount of time to protect your rights by filing a legal claim. If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, we urge you to contact our lawyers here at CraigLaw in Covington, Georgia, as soon as possible.

Put Experienced Personal Injury Counsel On Your Side

With more than 46 years of combined experience between them, our firm's attorneys understand how to handle the tough motor vehicle accident injury cases. We represent clients in a wide variety of these cases, including situations involving:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicycles

As part of our hallmark personalized representation, our attorneys work with you themselves to investigate your case, learn the facts unique to your situation and craft legal strategies to maximize your recovery.

Our years of experience provide us with the seasoned legal judgment you want on your case. We can advise you intelligently as to your legal options and as to which options best fit your specific goals.

To provide you with a high level of service, we offer you a unique level of accessibility to our firm's attorneys. You will not work with an assistant. Instead, you will work with us directly.

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