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Our litigation and trial lawyers put a special focus on work in eminent domain matters. Between us, we bring more than 46 years of experience to each eminent domain and condemnation case we handle.

We regularly help clients protect their property rights throughout the Covington, Conyers, and Monroe, Georgia area in eminent domain and government takings. If you are facing an eminent domain dispute with a state or local government, please see us to learn about your rights and how we can help you protect and maximize your recovery.

Eminent Domain Provides You With Specific Rights

You can count on our experienced trial team to provide you with the resources you need before and during eminent domain proceedings. We can help you navigate the hidden pitfalls these cases present.

We provide you with reliable experts and professionals. Over the years, we have built and maintained a network of experts and professionals who understand the eminent domain process and, importantly, the proper valuation of land and personal property.

In your dealings with us, you will receive our firm's hallmark personalized representation. The foundation of a successful case starts with a successful attorney-client relationship. We study the details of your case so we can provide you with legal representation uniquely tailored to your precise needs.

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